Our Polluted Water By: Briana Soto

As technology starts to improve more and more, scientists are starting to find ways to keep track of whether or not our water is polluted. And they have started to find different types of harmful chemicals and pesticides in our water that we not only drink from, but also bathe in. Scientist have been constantly doing different types of research to see if there is anything else in our water that we think is “clean”  but in reality is contaminated. More and more children have been exposed to different affects because of the filthiness of the water and how contaminated it is as well.

Illnesses and diseases have also been found in water because of all the pesticides and chemicals in the water that we think of as “clean”. This affects everyone in the world because we are drinking water that we seem to find clean but in reality contains all these harsh chemicals and pesticides. Different types of diseases and illnesses that this water can cause are malaria, polio, cholera, lead poisoning, Hepatitis A, and many more. (Source:http://listdose.com/10-common-diseases-caused-by-bad-polluted-water/)

“As technology improves, scientists are able to detect more pollutants, and at smaller concentrations, in Earth’s freshwater bodies. Containing traces of contaminants ranging from birth control pills and sunscreen to pesticides and petroleum, our planet’s lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater are often a chemical cocktail.” (Source: http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/freshwater/pollution)

Our bodies rely on water in order to survive, and not only do we rely on water but plants and animals rely on water as well. Because of this, we need to change the way that out water is decontaminated. We need water to survive, but if the water that we use daily is contaminated with different chemicals and pesticides that anyone is aware about, can cause different types of illnesses and can also hurt the environment as well.


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