Pollution and Contamination In Our Water: By Saul De La Rosa

In the Article From Source Water To Drinking Water, written by Lawrence W. Reiter, Henry Faulk, Charles G, Groat, Christine Coussens. Our Drinking Water contaminated  and polluted with harmful chemicals that can cause dangerous diseases to the people. In the current U.S. Environmental protection agency (EPA) estimates that the proximately one-third of all assessed rivers,streams, and lakes are impaired with waste and chemicals. With the increasing population, its hard to keep up with the large demand of water and trying to the best they can to keep it clean and safe. Eventually it would get contaminated with waste from humans and animals and it would get harder to get the water clean and would have to use chemicals to clean it but it can also be dangerous to our health. Many of the big industries like the meat production. They don’t care what happens to the water with the waste and dangerous chemicals they dump in it. The more this keeps happening, it becomes more impermeable and more chemicals  and contaminants are washed into our local waters.

Our Drinking water is becoming more and more unsafe. It is now being contaminated with pollution and harmful chemicals found in our water. They should always keep our drinking water safe for the people to drink because a deadly disease that could spread across the United States and affect the people. We should  make a change to make these companies to be more careful with our water sources. Big businesses should be fined millions of dollars for carelessly dumping waste in the streams, rivers and every other source we get our water from. Water is one of the most important sources we have in this world and we need it to survive. We should always have try to have our water clean and safe and to do that we need to keep any waste and chemicals from reaching  our water source.


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