An Interview With Water! By Stephanie Guzman

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Our topic is about water equality. What that is, is that everyone should receive equal amounts of and quality of clean water. For me, everyone deserves clean water, we are all humans and we deserve it, even animals too. The distribution of clean, sanitized water in the U.S. has been an issue for many years and it remains, that in fact, water is something we use everyday, making it an urgent issue to fix. My job in the project was to find an interview about the issues of water sanitation among people of different communities and ethnicities.

Here’s a link to the interview video I found:

The interviewee, Catarina de Albuquerque, talks about the sanitation process in California and across the U.S.. She was shocked to find that there were women in the San Joaquin Valley who were buying water bottles to clean their dishes, cook with, and even bathe in. Later in the video she also talks about how the government shut down the use of public facilities in Sacramento, which leaves the homeless people without a place to use the restroom or to wash their hands or face. I think this is all unfair because not everyone has access to their own water, and to have public facilities taken away, is just wrong.

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